Supporting children and young people for learning and life

The S.W.A.P. Group (South West Allied Professionals) was founded in 2011.

  • A group of experienced and committed professionals skilled at supporting learning, development and well being, who work with¬†children and young adults in all settings
  • Professionals from different disciplines who can work together to find the right package of support for the child and young person
  • Professionals from the following disciplines:
    • Educational Psychologists
    • Occupational Therapists
    • Speech and Language Therapists
    • Clinical Psychologists
    • Specialist learning Tutors
  • A team that can offer training
  • A group that works on developing a network, in order to support our work and in order to refer on when appropriate according to the need of the individual and/or family, when the need is not best met within the professional expertise of our group

We facilitate:

  • Meeting Educational Needs
  • Supporting¬†Development
  • Promoting Emotional Well Being

If you contact any one of us, we can help direct you to the most appropriate professional in our group.