Katie Adolphus

I qualified as a Clinical Psychologist in 1999 and have specialised in working with Children and Families since then. Clinical Psychologists support families where there are concerns about a child’s behaviour or emotional, social or academic development. The type of issues we could work together on include worries, phobias, low mood, behaviour challenges, responding to difficult life event and difficulties in relationships and friendships. My particular area of specialism is Autism Spectrum Disorder. In my work I use a range of approaches including cognitive-behavioural and systemic therapy. I also use a range of formal or informal assessments to help us best understand your child’s strengths and needs if they are needed. Having concerns for your child’s wellbeing or development can be stressful and upsetting and I imagine you will have already tried a number of strategies in the hope that things will improve. Those efforts – and how your child responded to them – as well as current research and psychological knowledge, will help us develop an approach that ‘fits’ with your family. I will look to the strengths you all bring to help your situation move forward positively.

I currently work at The Salisbury Practice (www.thesalisburypractice.co.uk) alongside several other Clinical Psychologists and a Cognitive Behavioural and Family Therapist.

I also run a multi-disciplinary Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment service with a Speech and Language Therapist colleague, Elizabeth Smith. Further information can be found at http://www.thesalisburypractice.co.uk/services/children-teens.

Email: oakschildpsychology@gmail.com
Phone: 07478 961800.