Jane Chatfield

Jane Chatfield DipSpLD (Hornsby Inst)
I am Head of Learning and Development at a boys’ Berkshire Prep School and a peripatetic Dyslexia Therapist for a Wiltshire Comprehensive School. I offer private tuition for pupils and students who require support with their reading, writing and spelling (including those with English as an Additional Language) and exam preparation pre GCSE.
My 1:1 lessons are structured so that the pupil will not be expected to achieve anything he has not been specifically taught. The individual teaching programme will cover visual, oral, auditory and kinaesthetic areas of learning, focusing upon the pupil’s strengths to support specific areas of weakness. A pupil may be already experiencing feelings of failure and this can be exacerbated by him giving his best but continuing to underachieve. There is now evidence that the way a pupil perceives himself as a learner directly affects his capacity to achieve. Therefore, self-esteem building, encouraging independence in thought and action, taking pride in one’s work, etc are all crucial parts of the learning process. It is understood that what makes one pupil a keen and successful student and another a passive and less successful one has as much to do with emotional intelligence as it has with other traditional academic qualities.
For the past 20 years I have been a trained Dyslexia Therapist, qualified to teach and assess both children and adults. My role involves close liaison and communication with other professionals and I work alongside psychologists, occupational therapists and speech and language therapists on a regular basis. I am conscious of the importance of keeping abreast of changes and updates in the field of Dyslexia and attend regular training and CPD courses.

E-mail:  janechatfield@btinternet.com

Tel:  07443 424364 or 01672 810228